Minyon Falls in Nightcap National Park, NSW

When TLC said ‘don’t go chasing waterfalls‘ we probably should have listened but us Sharks like to live on the edge so we decided to go and explore.

Whian Whian Falls, NSW

Today’s adventure takes us to Minyon Falls 60 minutes west of Byron Bay in Nightcap National Park. We didn’t set out to go here but after following a winding road for eternity we decided to keep following it and see where it took us.

We should start by saying that the drive can be challenging. For the most part it was fine but there may or may not have been a time when we took a wrong turn (thanks GPS) and had to do a 50 point turn on the edge of a cliff. Marisa was confident everything would be fine but Crystal wasn’t so sure #neardeathexperience #1. There were also some off-road driving which put our boujee BMW to the test so a Jeep would definitely be better next time.

When we finally arrived we walked down the track to the Minyon Falls lookout platform to check out the waterfall. This is a man made bridge-style track so it is easy to walk and only takes about 5-10 minutes from the car park.

Minyon Falls NSW

The lookout platform gives you uninterrupted views over the rainforest and waterfall. We flew the drone out and got more footage in and around the rainforest which was a real treat.

The views were absolutely beautiful and it was such a peaceful spot.

Minyon Falls Waterfall NSW

Fun Fact

The Minyon Falls waterfall descends more than 100 metres over the huge rhyolite cliffs which were once part of the Tweed Volcano.

The Glamour Sharks at Minyon Falls

If you have a death wish you can get a closer look and sit on top of the waterfall like some kids did. We were quite fine admiring it from the comfort of the safe and secure platform.

After spending 30 minutes at the lookout we headed back to the car. We were almost back and Marisa stops, turns to Crystal and quietly says ‘walk towards me slowly’. Crystal pauses and then spots the giant Goanna walking alongside the track. It is no exaggeration when we say this Goanna was the size of a big dog, it was huge. It was also slowly walking away from us but if you ask Crystal she will tell you we almost died #neardeathexperience #2. Just when Marisa had assured Crystal Australia was safe and all those dangerous animal worries were a myth. Definitely check out the vlog footage above for a full recap of the experience.

Minyon Falls Waterfall NSW

While it was definitely an adventure to remember we were definitely ready to get to our next stop: Port Macquarie.

Minyon Falls is located at
Tuntable Trail, Nightcap
New South Wales, Australia

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